Windows for Android

Windows 7 for Android

     It's finally here! Windows 7 for Android!  This is no theme, it is a home/launcher application.  You can replace this app with the default home application or just use it whenever you want to impress your friends and show them that you are running the Windows 7 operating system on your Android device.  Windows 7 for Android's main interface is the desktop which includes shortcuts and a taskbar.  The taskbar contains the main home applications like the browser, messaging, dialer, and libraries.  Libraries allows for you to get quick and easy access to all of your installed applications.  The taskbar also conveniently includes an Advanced Task Killer shortcut so you don't have to find and open the Advanced Task Killer app every time you want to kill running applications.  The Start button opens the Start menu and leads you to even more applications.  This application truly has the look and feel of Windows 7.  It is the best  Windows experience on Android.
Check out a demonstration of Windows 7 for Android.

Look at the Screenshots below!