Windows for Android

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I can't find the Application on my phone.  What do I do?

     These applications are  home/launcher applications.  They are opened when you press the Home button on your device.  And depending on the software you have, it will ask you which home/launcher application you want to open.

I am getting errors or force shutdowns when I touch certain buttons.  What is happening?

     You could be getting errors or force shutdowns when pressing buttons if you do not have the certain application installed on your device.  Simply install the application and you will no longer receive errors or force shutdowns.

How do I go back to the original home application?

      You can go back to the original home screen many different ways.  You can simply press the back button if you were recently in the original home application.  You can press the start button on Windows applications and click shutdown to close the app.  Or you can press the menu button and click shutdown.

When I shutdown the application it just closes and sends me to another app.  What is happening?

     The application conveniently leaves open all other applications that were opened so that you don't have to reopen them when shutting down the home/launcher application.  If you want to go back to the original home application then press back after shutting down the home/launcher app.